9W Mini USB LED Stylish Nail Dryer UV Art Lamp Lig

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Publiée : 12 Février à 09:27

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Features: 1. Environment protection, light use of LED, unharmful substances to the human body. 2. Energy-saving, LED is a low-power device, low power consumption machine. 3. Do produce tempered heat. 5. Lightweight and unbreakable. 6. Fast dry time, with the use of LED nail gel, the dry time is about 10-30 seconds. 7. The use of low cost. 8. Ideal for any home or professional salon, even a best gift for friend. 9. Pocket size is amazing for constant travel. 10. Updated LED technology less harm for your hands and never need to change a bulb. 11. Work with gel nail polish, no brand requirements though . 12. Two way of power supply: USB and AC power.. ,, you can use laptop USB, Portabe Power bank or car USB ports. Specification: 8:Product weight: 0.2kg about. Matters need attention: 1.Keep away the machine from the children , it is professional LED Gel machine; 2.Don't stare to the light when the machine is on; 3. Don't try to touch the LED; 4.Don't operate the machine with the wet hand. Package included: 1pcsxNail lamp 1pcsx USB cable

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